Baccarat Game Rules And Strategy Guide

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APR 09

Baccarat in online casinos can be available in multiple varieties as a table game or a live dealer game. If you remember its rules well, have experience and are lucky, you might be able to win real money. And of course, you'll have great fun! In this article, we'll teach you how to play baccarat and have good odds to win even if you've never done it before.

Place Your Bet

Before the cards are dealt, you should bet on either the Banker's or the Player's hand. Please mind that in the card game baccarat, the dealer and the banker are two different persons. If you're playing baccarat Australia as a table game, the system will be dealing the cards. If you opt for the live version, a live dealer will be in charge of that.

Let the Player and the Banker Get Two Cards Each

Here is how it goes:

  1. The Player gets their first card face up in their box on the table
  2. The Banker gets their first card face up in their box on the table
  3. The Player gets their second card
  4. The Banker gets their second card

The process takes just a couple of seconds.

The Value of Cards Is Calculated

According to the baccarat game rules, the cards have the following values:

Most cards Worth their face value
Ace 1
Tens and face cards 0

If the result is a one-digit number, it's left as it is. If there are two digits, only the second one is taken into account. For instance, if the Player has two 7s, their result is 4 because 7 + 7 = 14.

Check Whether the Natural Win Can Take Place

To win, one needs to get 9 points or as close to this number as possible. If the Player of the Banker gets 10 or more, they lose. If any of them gets 8 or 9, the so-called "natural win" takes place and you'll get your cash prize if you've guessed the winner correctly.

Let Both Parties Draw Extra Cards If Needed

This brief strategy for baccarat explains when it makes sense to draw more cards:

  • If the Banker has 8 or 9, it would be reasonable for the Player to draw an extra card if they have 5 or less
  • If the player doesn't get extra cards, the Banker might want to draw if they have 5 or less

This table explains how a sensible Banker would react when they see the Player's third card:

The Player's third card The Banker may draw an extra card if they already have… The Banker should avoid drawing an extra card if they already have…
Ace, face card, 9 or 10 0-3 4-7
8 0-2 3-7
6 or 7 0-6 7
4 or 5 0-5 6-7
2 or 3 0-4 5-7

If a person doesn't draw extra cards, they "stand pat".

Important Details to Remember

If there is a tie, you might fail to get a cash reward.

Depending on the variety of the game that you're playing, those who bet on the Banker's hand might need to pay a commission out of their winnings.

It would be wise to train for free first and then start with placing bets with the lowest sums. Live dealers rarely support the free trial mode but many table games do.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this step-by-step guide came in handy and now you have a better understanding of how baccarat is played. It's a simple and fascinating game that you can find on hundreds of gambling platforms. Have fun and may luck be with you!