How To Play Casino Blackjack Step-By-Step

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APR 09

Blackjack online Australia is one of the most popular titles on Internet gambling platforms. It can be available in multiple variations either as a table or live dealer game. We'll try to explain to readers of this article how to play casino blackjack and boost their odds to win cash.

Place a Bet

The minimum and the maximum sum of the bet that you can place might vary depending on the variation of the game, its developer and the gambling platform. For instance, you might be allowed to bet from 0.1 to 100. For players with little experience, it would be wise to start with the smallest bets.

Get Two Cards

If you've opted for blackjack as a table game, you'll receive your cards from the system. If you have launched a live dealer version of the game, a young and charming dealer will give you the cards. They will take two large physical cards from the deck. There will be a chip on each card that will transmit its value onto the display. The dealer will also take two cards for themselves and show one of them to you.

Place a Side Bet

It might be a bet on colors or pairs. Alternatively, you might want to resort to insurance: you'll get financial compensation if the dealer hits blackjack and their first card that they showed to you was an ace. The size of the compensation can be half of your initial wager.


According to the casino blackjack rules, the term "hit" means that you get more cards in addition to those two that you already have. At this step, you should remember the blackjack card values very well. Your goal is to accumulate 21 points in your hand or as close to this number as possible. If you get 22 or more, you'll lose. A pro tip: if you have 16 or 17 points, you might prefer to avoid trying to increase your hand. Live dealers and casino algorithms won't draw additional cards if they already have 16 points.


"Stand" is the name of the button that you should push when you realize you don't want to take any additional cards. You may click it either after making the hit or immediately after receiving the two initial cards.

Analyze the Dealer's Hand

Feel free to skip this step if you don't enjoy making too much intellectual effort. Devoted fans of blackjack Australia love to assess their odds to win before the game ends. They check whether the dealer draws additional cards or not. They take into consideration the value of the dealer's first card. They get the thrills and anticipate the outcome.

Check the Outcome

You'll win if the total value of your hand is 21. Otherwise, it can be 20, or 19, or 18, or even less — you'll win if your opponent's hand value is lower than yours.

Get Your Prize

If you win, the prize will be transferred to your balance immediately. You'll be allowed to withdraw it after you finalize wagering all your active bonuses if you have any. Besides, the sum of your withdrawal should be higher than the minimum allowed sum on the transaction.

Additional Smart Tip

Before playing blackjack at the casino for real cash, it would be reasonable to train in free trial mode first. Live dealer games might fail to support this mode but table games usually have it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand the blackjack card game rules. Good luck, and make sure to play only at licensed casinos!