How to Play Roulette

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APR 09

As a reputable Australian casino, Bonza Spins has made it possible for punters to play roulette and various other casino games. They provide a great variety of pokie and table games. It’s absolutely safe to play casino games at Bonza Spins if you are aware of the rules. Read further to find out the basic roulette rules and different techniques that will help you throughout your gaming experience.

Online Roulette: What Is It and How to Play?

Roulette has always been considered a game of chance. However, the rules of play can be rather complicated. Therefore, before playing roulette on Bonza Spins, it’s necessary to first check the roulette winning strategy guide, provided further.

The following steps are the main stages of gameplay in roulette:

  • Register for a private account through the mobile app or website
  • Make your first deposit using a banking card or other accessible methods
  • Provide more information about your identity, including your email address or the type of game you’re interested in
  • Read the rules of roulette and start your gaming experience  

Online gambling platforms like Bonza Spins usually have everything you need for a fun and exciting gameplay. In addition, there are many different types of roulette to choose from.

Main Types of Roulette

If you’re interested in playing this game online, you need to know the basic types available to players. All of them involve only numbers, but the rules of play may differ from one option to another.

European roulette has many differences compared to the American version. The European version of the game was first designed for gamers from Europe. However, today, online casinos provide gamblers with an opportunity to play in any part of the world and grab winnings online.

Here is what you need to know about these two versions of roulette:

European roulette American roulette
This version is based on placing bets on red or black balls that are supposed to arrive at the chosen number. The US roulette offers fewer numbers to players, which can result in quicker wins or losses during betting. 
In the European version, you’ll find three colour options, usually consisting of red, grey and black. The US roulette has two colour variations.
European roulette does not offer the option of double winning. If the bet is successful and lands on one of the winning numbers, the sum of money you receive will be doubled.

The major difference between the two options is the layout of the table. Nonetheless, dealers in online roulette Australia are the ones who give gamblers chances to win on different numbers. In American roulette, however, there are only three outcomes of the gameplay, including red, green or zero. If you manage to guess the number correctly, you will win a certain amount of cash.

Playing Roulette Online: Main Techniques for Successful Gameplay

Although the game itself may seem too hard at first, the majority of casinos give gamblers an opportunity to pass six stages of the gameplay, which largely include the following:

  • The first step is to place your bet.
  • Set the desired period of time.
  • Wait until the betting process is closed.
  • The game will then start.
  • Dealers will declare the lucky numbers.
  • Now you can claim the sum of cash you have won.

There are various versions of online roulette, each with different rules. Additionally, there is a mini-game, which allows you to spin the wheel comprising a total of 13 slots. Simple rules of how to play roulette are also available to all casino players, often intended for inexperienced users and beginners.

Besides, players have a great opportunity to use various techniques of play. They will allow you to figure out how to play roulette at the casino and get winnings quickly.

Bonuses and Promos for Punters

If you’re interested in how to play roulette to win, it's advisable to learn about different promos and bonus offerings and which ones are available to Australian players. Players can easily receive additional spins day after day if they make a deposit of at least $25. This feature can only be accessed up to 10 times a day, and the betting requirements will always be the same. As for the sign-up bonus, it is typically no more than 50% or $200 at the minimum.

Various rewards and additional gifts are an important part of each online casino, including Bonza Spins. However, bonuses that do not require a deposit are not accessible to users. Nonetheless, there are various other appealing options. In fact, every deposit you make will give you a chance to get up to 150 extra chances to win. In addition, the total amount of cash you can win is as much as $800.

If you wish to withdraw your winnings or deposit some cash, you can use Mastercard, Visa, or other payment tools. The minimum deposit is usually $20, while the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. In any case, you can only withdraw up to $5,000 per financial transaction.

“How Can I Win at Roulette?”: Things You Should Know

If you want to know how to win at roulette, you should first familiarize yourself with the main rules of play. To win money playing roulette, you need to guess the number correctly before the ball arrives at the table. Other things to keep in mind include the following:

  • The gameplay starts when the dealers clean the tables for another game. Place bets on the desired numbers.
  • Start with “outside bets,” which are certain groups of numbers rather than individual ones. Each bet is usually cheaper, and the probability of winning money is usually higher.
  • Avoid using complicated techniques because roulette is a game of chance where everything depends on how lucky you are.

You only need to be confident that all you do is done in line with the rules. This way, you’ll be able to win the game easily and with no problems.