How to Win at Australian Pokies

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APR 09

Australian residents have a right to gamble in online casinos for real cash. Lucky people win money on pokies, also known as slot machines. From this article, you'll get to know how to win on pokies Australia and have a lot of fun!

How to Play Pokies and Win: the Basics

To have fair odds to win, sign up only for licensed gambling platforms. The presence of a license guarantees that:

  • The casino will keep your private data 100% confidential
  • Games will be operating according to their initial algorithms
  • All players will have fair odds to win
  • As you win, you'll quickly receive the full amount of your prize

Unlicensed casinos are unregulated, that's why it doesn't make sense to join them.

How to Win on Online Pokies If I Have Little Experience?

Before you begin to place cash bets, it would be wise to train for free. Many casinos and many pokies support the free demo mode:

  1. Sign up
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Hover the mouse over the game's icon
  4. Click the Play for Free button

You'll be playing with virtual coins that lack real-life value. You won't be risking your savings and you'll avoid excessive stress. But you won't be allowed to withdraw the prize.

What Is the Best Pokie Machine to Win in Australia?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences.

When choosing a game, pay attention to its RTP and volatility. The RTP of pokies is characterized as high if it is 96% or more.

Machines with low volatility will allow you to win frequently but the amounts of the prizes will be small. Pokies with high volatility might distribute larger prizes but you should be ready to wait long until you win. Besides, there are games with medium volatility.

Fruit machines are the simplest pokies, ideal for beginners. They have three reels and three rows. They lack huge jackpots and their volatility is often low.

The number of paylines of pokie machines might vary from fewer than ten to hundreds of thousands. Another important parameter to check is the maximum possible win of the game.

Is It Possible to Win Jackpot Pokies?

Many slots have multipliers. In this case, the sum of your prize will be equal to the sum of your bet multiplied by this coefficient.

Jackpot pokies operate on a different principle. You might be able to hit a multi-million prize after placing the smallest bet. That would be rare luck but it can happen.

The most generous jackpots are progressive ones. Their amounts increase from one round to another.

How to Win on the Pokies Every Time?

It's impossible to always win in an online casino. You'll be losing money inevitably from time to time. Gambling is a type of entertainment. It can't become a steady source of income and can't substitute for a full-time job.

How to Have the Most Fun in an Online Casino?

As you win, you may go on placing bets with these funds. But then, you'll risk losing them.

Instead, consider withdrawing the money and celebrating your luck! This is what experienced gamblers do to have only the best experiences from online casinos.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, that was an informative read and now you have a better understanding of how to win on pokie machines Australia. Sign up only for licensed casinos. Admit the fact that apart from winning, you'll be losing money from time to time. Choose slots that suit best your taste and experience. Maybe, one day you'll be lucky enough to hit a huge jackpot after placing a small bet!